Hashtags are a vital element of social media marketing and business growth, particularly with networking websites such as Instagram and Twitter. KJS Media have examined the most common hashtag mistakes which people and companies repeatedly make, and how to avoid them.


Although it makes sense to use the most popular hashtags for company exposure it may not be the best method for the long term results you need. Popular hashtags may have thousands of posts but they will be useless for your overall business growth. You should seek to use hashtags which are particular and specific to your target market, the content you post and your industries keywords.


Before you decide to use a hashtag, search on Instagram or Twitter to see what kind of images appear. There are a number of hashtag research tools available to the public including Ritetag, Tagboard, Hashtags.org and Tagsforlikes.com.


Being involved within the community is a great way to build customer relationships within a specific area and gain company exposure. If you are supporting any local events you should use this as a hashtag including the location.


There will be reliable hashtags which pull engagement with your target audience but it is advisable to explore new hashtags which may relate to your industry. Social media is constantly shifting and eventually some hashtags may accumulate too much content, it is important to discover new hashtags which may end up being more effective for your business.


If you use a large amount of hashtags within your captions, it is likely that your target market will end up ignoring half of them as it can look cluttered or be difficult to read. There is a basic rule which KJS Media use and that is to use between one to three hashtags within your post.


As part of your social media development you should measure the growth of your reach and analyse your companies hashtag success. There are certain tools which enable you to measure impressions within your company networks.


When building a brand on social media it is important to have targeted exposure, hashtags are a quick way to gain this. It will enable a wider audience to find your company profiles, posts and content as hashtags are a search tool.

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