Facebook Live has introduced video metrics including total minutes viewed, total number of views and total engagement (reactions, comments and shares) for public videos on profiles with 5,000 or more followers, and a video permalink for pages to point viewers to current live streams as well as all archived video for that page, both live and non-live, per a company blog post.

For publishers and brands wanting multiple contributors to a live stream, page administrators can now designate people in a new ‘live contributor’ role that allows them to go live on behalf of a page while leaving the admin in control over security and other page functions.

It has encouraged businesses and brands to take advantage of the feature and is even running a major marketing effort including linear TV to get all Facebook users engaged with the live streaming video feature.

KJS Media recommend researching ways to use Facebook Live through the lens of your business. It is important you create a balance between talking about your business and your personal life outside of work. This immediately creates more intimacy between you and your target audience.

Facebook Live is an incredible opportunity for video streaming and essentially showcasing your knowledge and increasing your follow/customer bases. For further information and guidance regarding Facebook Live contact KJS Media on kjsmedia@outlook.com. For full details about the services which KJS Media provide you can visit the Social Media | Marketing page.


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