Having a professional looking website is crucial for every online business/blog owner. Check out KJS Media’s top ten tips to making your website look presentable:


People tend to overload their website with animations and transitional effects when they first design their company website. If this is done tastefully and sparingly it can be effective however if they are overused and used numerous times throughout the website it can distract your target market from the main focus: content.


High quality imagery is important to reflect your business and can instantly elevate the appearance of your website. If you do not have photography skills yourself you can hire a professional to take branded imagery or you can use quality stock photography websites.


Using relevant colours consistently throughout your website will enhance the professional appearance you are looking to design. Not all colours look good on a digital screen so ensure you have tried and tested your brand’s colour scheme. Colours within your company logo are often used for links, secondary text and buttons (call to action).


Ensure you use ample white space within your website to ensure breathing space between each of your elements. Without white space your website could easily look cluttered and disorganised. Leaving white space between elements will also make them stand oout and pleasing to the eye.


Typography is part of your overall design and branding and is used to present the information on your website. Using the right typefaces for your company makes your text presentable and readable for your target audience. Google Fonts is a brilliant way to pair fonts that look good together and has a wide range available.


Your website should have a clear and consistent theme throughout whether this is imagery, colours or typefaces. Consistency is a key factor in web design for both visual elements and functionality.


Modern websites have navigation menus which are situated either at the top or sides. Many customers will instinctively look for the menu buttons at the top of your homepage. Keeping the navigation buttons simple and at the top of the website makes your services easily accessible.


Your audience are likely to skim through your website so it is important to minimise the chances of them totally avoiding your content and separate your text using bullet points, icons, blurbs and imagery.


Majority of the population now browse the web using their smartphones. A customer is less likely to stay on your website if it is not a suitable layout for mobiles or isn’t mobile friendly. Google has started ranking websites according to their mobile friendliness.


A good copy and messaging helps make sure that it is immediately clear what you do, why you do it and what you have to offer. Most websites would include a clear headline, a call to action message, an about page and a contact page.

All of KJS Media’s websites are mobile friendly designs tailored to your company branding. Whether you require one-off web design and launch, content writing, or on-going development of your companies website, KJS Media offer affordable and professional marketing services. For further information email us at kate@kjsmediaservices.com or visit our website and browse our portfolio.

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