Instagram is a valuable addition to your marketing strategy, more than 400 million people use Instagram per month which means there is a mass of content being published every day, your brand can focus on quality of photos/videos, the aesthetic of the accounts and consistency of posts.

One of the best ways to gain company awareness/followers on Instagram is to partner with your community and other relevant brands. The key is to do this in a strategic way: the more relevant brands and community members that you team up with, the more exposure you will get.

You can form a community on Instagram by using a variation of techniques. You can create a hashtag (#) and ask people to contribute to it, you can also repost their images with a shout out (@). Always ensure that you add a location when posting on Instagram: Adding a location drives 79% higher engagement.

Timing and consistency on Instagram are two of the most overlooked aspects of really growing your account. Knowing when your audience is more active on the platform helps both follower engagements and your reach.

Instagram have released the much needed business tools to enable your company to stand out within the platform, reach out and understand your target audience. By setting up an Instagram Business Profile you can receive insights about your current followers without having to use a third-party tool to monitor demographic breakdown or impressions of each post.kbr SN button insta



The most common error in which organizations or brands often make on Instagram is to post illustrations/pictures which they haven’t made and created themselves. Posting unoriginal imagery makes your business profile look less genuine. It is vital to ensure that there is an assortment of substance within the Instagram Business profile.


On Instagram you can remark/favourite posts as well as following watchwords and hashtags will enable your company to have a decisive advantage over the opposition in the space. Instagram has an enormous opportunity for developing and interacting with current and prospective clients.


Brands who post to Instagram without a technique or stream to their substance will noticeably feel the loss of the chance to connect with their gathering or potential clients. This can originate from the channels you utilize, the content, and the sort of photographs you post.


Users will be quick to unfollow your brand page if the content is similar and constant. You need to ensure that you post a wide range of different types of content to keep your followers engaged. This is a similar mistake to posting content too close together; try to space out your content to encourage followers to interact and engage with your company.


The fastest way to lose followers is to have a private account on Instagram Business profile. The main reason for this is because their request to follow must be approved which can take up to one hour to one day dependent on when your business accepts. Potential clients are also not able to view any of the content until you have accepted their request.

Instagram Growth is essential since it can create a lot of business opportunities and loyal customers. The key to achieving success on Instagram is filling your stream with interesting content that keeps your target audience engaged.

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