Cork is a City in South-West Ireland being the second largest City in the Republic of Ireland. Cork Harbour is one of the largest Harbours in the World and the City was once fully walled, the remnants of the old medieval town centre can be found around South and North Main streets. The best way to see the City of Cork is to walk and visit the Irish charm within the hilly streets.


One of the many entrance’s into the English Market which is located just off Patrick Street in the heart of Cork City. A must visit is The Mutton Inn pub, one of the oldest drinking establishments in the City with a unique Irish atmosphere full of heritage. The Mutton Lane Inn once had the greatest sales of whiskey in Ireland per square foot as the custom was often butchers or cattlemen who would leave a drop or two as payment for their junior staff.


The English Market is a municipal food market in the centre of Cork, Ireland, occupying an area stretching from Princes Street to the Grand Parade. It is made-up of Princes Street Market and Grand Parade Market, and is regarded for its mid-19th century architecture, and locally produced artisan food.


The long established home of traditional Irish music in Cork, the name Sin E translates to literally ‘that’s it’ where it references the funeral parlour located next door. Sin E first opened its doors in 1889 and has played traditional Irish music in there for over 50 years and is a highly recommended visit to experience a true Irish pub.


Son of a Bun are the winners of the best burger in Cork at the first ever burger festival in 2017 and then the best burger in Ireland when the festival went Nationwide in 2018. Being a burger lover myself I was keen to try it out and I can vouch that this restaurant is well worth the visit with an entirely homemade menu and carefully selected cuts of  Aberdeen Angus Beef.


Cask run a seasonal cocktail menu which changes every twelve week. Their concept is simple where mother nature determines which direction their drinks evolve. They forage wild ingredients and use amazing local producers to create a menu which is original and interesting.

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