Maidstone Museum (previously named The Charles Museum) and Bentlif Art Gallery is a hidden treasure in Kent’s county town, Maidstone, first established in 1858. The Museum is housed in the stunning Chillington Manor, a Elizabethan manor house.

The Museum features internationally important collections including fine art, natural history and human history. There are over 600,000 artefacts and specimens archived in this Museum.


Jakob Bogdany (1658-1724), a Slovak and British artist who was well known for his still life and exotic bird paintings such as cockatoos, macaws and mynas, is one of the many inspirations throughout the Museum.

Below is a photograph of one of my personal favourite oil on canvas paintings Jakob Bogdany created: ‘Still Life’ (Flowers and Fruit)’

Henry Mark Anthony (1817-1886) was an English landscape artist who was credited with introducing the en plein air style of painting to Britain. Below also features one of his oil on canvas landscape paintings: ‘A Mill on the Hauge’.

En plein air – French for outdoors, is the act of painting outdoors. This method contrasts with studio painting or academic rules that might create a predetermined look.



The Maidstone Museum Kent River Safari gallery explores the habitats, plants, and animal species which make up the county’s unique natural heritage.


19th Century equestrian statue of Lady Godiva by John Thomas (1813-1862) a British sculptor and architect, who worked on Buckingham Palace and the Palace of Westminster.

I highly recommend this great Museum to explore collections and discover exciting exhibitions, I will certainly be returning to view the irreplaceable collection of Japanese Decorative Art and Prints. Have a browse: Maidstone Museum website

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